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Tester's Application

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Tester's Application

Post  Devan on Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:08 pm

As you already know by now, we enforce a new system with testing. Old members need to be tested and new members that join will be tested. For this said we need testers and are looking for a good number of them. This is your lucky day!

I want to know how active you are and can be (don't try lying because I know). Are you willing to test? You can't back out if a new member joins and needs a test unless necessary; don't be lazy.

I will also see how you duel and your knowledge in rulings. You can't be rude to new members and must grade them with honesty with what they deserve. If they fail tell them and encourage them to work their way up.

If I haven't dueled you then you may ask me to just to prove yourself.

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