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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Where can duels on here take place?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Post  Lyris1092 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:19 pm

Before I start, I need to ask some questions just to let you know.
  • Is there a "Necroposting" rule (No posting on old topics) around here? Just in case.
  • Can this place duel on someplace other than Dueling Network? If not, I /can/ be inactive for quite a time.
  • Just warning all of you that I can't duel for the next few hours until I get back to my own house, because right now, I'm at a place where I can't go [play] Yu-Gi-Oh because I can't control my anger when certain cards are played, or I lose.
  • I use multiple decks, At what times is this not allowed?
  • I usually play unranked on Dueling Network, are we (seriously!) ranked?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
This is Lyris, signing off!

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