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The Elite Dorm & Pro League

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The Elite Dorm & Pro League

Post  Devan on Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:49 pm

Elite Dorm

This dorm is for people who have advanced further and learned here at QDA. You only can get into this dorm if you are worthy. This dorm will have 10 members max. We will have tournaments and events to determine who can be here. Members of this dorm will have an opportunity to duel their equals within the academy.

This dorm will be doing special activities and tournaments among themselves and be granted the title as ELITES. If the dorm is full you can kick out someone for their place in a tournament where you will have to pay DP to enter.

You will learn more of this during your stay when we do events and tournaments for entries in.

Pro Leagues

You have been an Elite for a while and have become more advanced then your fellow mates. You can move into the Professional Leagues by having won 3 Elite Dorm tournaments and have been in the Elite Dorm after being challenged for your spot 3 times. You will have many chances to join tournaments and win HUGE prizes. These tournaments will have a payment to enter, EX: of 300 DP and winner takes double. You will be ranked within the league depending on your tournament win numbers.

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